The Project Principal has day-to-day control over, and involvement in, each project. As an experienced design professional, he coordinates all aspects of the various tasks and is the final source of the Client / Architect / Engineer dialogue. This assures the highest level of responsiveness and the availability of the full professional resources of the team. The Project Manager is responsible for the coordination and administration of each project, as well as for the programming, monitoring, reporting and daily operations. He serves both as the Client Liaison and Team Coordinator in order to provide a single line of communication with the Client.

Konopka Architecture utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology in our day to day operations. These systems include:
- Computer Aided Design and Drafting
- Computer Based Specifications
- Computer Generated Cost Estimates
We have selected the technological systems we use to interface with our clients and engineering associates and to enhance product delivery, accuracy and quality.